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Call for Paper:
Creative Technology and Digital Media (CTDM)

About the Creative Technology and Digital Media

Screen-based design and environment technologies have progressed over the last decade, digital art and design have been rapidly developed in a fast-changing approach. The artistic experimentation with immersive technologies and motion designs is reshaping the bounds of conventional art and design, allowing for greater creativity with alternative experiences.

Designing motion visual images and experimenting with immersive technology are examples of how today’s imaginative designers and visual artists are challenging established art and design conventions. This collection of new visuals includes a diverse range of artistic applications, ranging from curatorial ractices and screen-based design—to animations and virtual imaging—and showcases the most current trends and directions in art and design studies from established and emerging artists and designers as well as to consider their audience’s and needs.

The symposium aimed to bring together scholars and practitioners from a variety of fields in various creative elements of Creative Media, Digital Imaging and Digital Art, etc. It offers the possibility of discussing a number of significant themes in the debate over art versus technology, the existence of both online and offline interpretation, and the employment of digital and non-digital platforms.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to, those listed here:

• Media Art
• Art and Technology
• Creative Practices
• Creative Media
• Emerging Art and Design
• Creative Technology
• Data Visualization
• Computational Images & Graphics
• Image and Video Processing
• Computer Graphics
• Digital Art
• Immersive Art
• Generative Graphics
• Interactive Art
• Curatorial Practices
• Installation
• Creative Technology
• Digital Asset on Art

For more information, please feel free to visit the AHFE conference website

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity for networking, learn about the latest research and development in human factors and ergonomics in Communication of Design, and share your own insights and experiences in the field.

We look forward to your participation in AHFE Creative Technology and Digital Media.

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