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Call for Book Proposal

The books presented here comprehensively understand how these three aspects intertwine and influence one another while offering theories, insights and strategies for designers, researchers, and creative students. Themes within this series include the psychology of creativity, neuroaesthetics and design, emotional design and well-being, inclusive design and empathy, emotions in visual communication, affective computing and emotion recognition, emotion-driven innovation and creative problem-solving, experimental design and storytelling and the future trends and challenges for emotion, design and creativity. Aimed at those who aim to design more creatively and innovatively, please get in touch to discuss your book idea for this series.

Aim and Scope

Exploring the close relationships between design, emotional experiences, and the creative process.

Features of this series

  1. Examines emotional and psychological elements that drive design choices and gives readers a greater appreciation for how emotions and creativity may influence the success of a design project
  2. Offers an interdisciplinary approach to design, relying on ideas and views from psychology, neuroscience and art, among other domains
  3. Features numerous case studies and real-world examples of successful design projects, providing readers with concrete examples of how emotional and psychological factors can be leveraged to create innovative and effective designs
  4. Delivers titles by design and engineering specialists with a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the top
  5. Written in an approachable and captivating manner that is simple to
    comprehend and entertaining to read

We welcome submissions in psychology, neuroscience, art, human factors, work design, product design and engineering. and Both introductory and advanced material for students and professionals will be included.

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